Broccolini Construction has been a vital part of the building industry since the late 1940’s. Based in Quebec, the family owned and operated company has been involved in countless successful residential, institutional and commercial projects. With each project Broccolini builds on their long-standing tradition by managing projects with innovative technologies, applying rigorous process control and ensuring clear communication with their clients. The success of Broccolini Construction is directly linked to the strong values that have been instilled in company since its early beginnings.



The RCA Team consists of a well balanced proportion of young ambitious Architects, Interior Designers and Technologists and senior experienced professionals who all bring unique abilities, ideas and expertise to the dynamic team. Many of the firm’s projects are recognizable, being simple yet elegant designs which often become reference locations throughout the city’s urban texture and connect smoothly to existing building fabric. The philosophy of the firm is creativity through a clear, modern design vocabulary, with close attention to detail, integrating buildings in a lively interplay with a given site and enriching the matrix of the city.



II BY IV Design founders Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook are internationally recognized interior designers who combine their creative skills with a keen sense of current lifestyles and a deep understanding of the way design can enhance them. Their credo is "design magically; think practically".

II BY IV has been honoured with more than 100 awards from design juries around the world. The firm’s work is seen in Canada, the US and the Caribbean, and circles the world in the interiors they have designed for the ships of the world’s top cruise line, Crystal Cruises. They have been featured in several TV productions as well as in countless publications in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan.