The Slater Condos: Construction Update

The Slater Condos: Construction Update

Located in downtown Ottawa, The Slater is a new 23-storey residential project offering 178 private condominium suites and penthouses. The project will also house a new 17-floor boutique hotel, Alt Hotel by Le Group Germain. Understated and elegant, The Slater's graphic black and white exterior and aesthetic clean lines are a contemporary interpretation of classic modernist architecture.

Construction update – as of June 2015

The structure
Ground was broken for the construction of The Slater Condos in January 2014. By the spring of the same year, the structure was already out of the ground and work began on the ground floor structure in early June 2014.

An important milestone was reached when the main structure of the building was topped off in March 2015, just slightly ahead of the expected schedule.

Installation of the cladding for the building began in mid-January 2015, as the structure was being built, starting with a curtain wall from the ground floor to the 4th floor, followed by installation of window wall cladding from the 5th floor up. The building is currently closed in up to the 17th floor and the entire building envelope is expected to be complete by mid-December 2015.

The interior stud layout and framing began in January 2015 and the building is currently studded and boarded up to the 12th floor. The plumbing rough-in is complete up to the 12th floor as well.

Installation of the main electrical room equipment is complete and the electrical rough-in for the condos has reached the 16th floor.

The elevators for both the condo and hotel components are currently being installed.

The interior finishing work is being carried out in phases and has already begun. The drywall has been installed on the 6th floor and is progressing up the building. In fact, construction crews are currently in the process of completing a finished condo unit mock-up on the 6th floor for quality control purposes.

Some upcoming milestones
The construction team expects that the roofing will be complete by July 31st.

The mechanical room on the 23rd floor should be complete and operational by September 30th and the construction hoist will be removed from the site by October 31st, 2015.

Construction challenges

Located in the heart of Ottawa's thriving downtown business district, The Slater will provide future residents with easy access to all the important Ottawa destinations. However this dense urban location also presents a challenge in terms of construction.

The site is bordered closely on three sides by the existing built environment, offering access only via the Slater Street frontage. This causes complications for the delivery of materials and for getting heavy equipment on-site. In such tight quarters, it is also essential to be considerate of adjacent buildings. Accommodating and coordinating with the site's neighbours can also prove somewhat challenging.

However, with more than 60 years of experience in construction in urban environments, Broccolini, the developer and builder for The Slater, takes these kinds of challenges well in stride. Consequently, despite the unique construction considerations for the project, work is moving ahead at a good pace and construction of The Slater condos is on schedule for delivery in early 2016.

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